Cohesive Disorder Series (2013-2014)

Synopsis: This is a series of three videos in which the hands and the napkins are the principal components. They are metaphorical looks at the roles of religion and political powers; together these 3 videos make a puzzle for the audience, yet also providing some clues. The hands and the napkins help the characters feel secure and comfortable, precisely at the time that they are getting drained, losing control of their own bodies and actions. Nonetheless, as with every metaphorical work, these codes are given to the spectator to make his/her own conclusion, and come to terms with an outcome, finding a unique individual meaning.

Exhibitaion Text: All animals behave in a certain way, the drive of which they do not represent in the very behaviour. They do an action driven by a will and need, but do not represent their will in the action itself. The human being is the first representative animal who displays the reasons of his behaviour in the very same behaviour. He thinks, without knowing yet, “what” The thinking “is”. The mechanism dominating over the body, while thinking, is hidden from his epistemological abilities. It is a fact that the Man enjoys the language and can speak. He can speak of what about which he thinks and behave accordingly. Thus, he attempts to make sense of his behaviour, because he is sense-maker animal. Whereas the Nature as the cradle and container of human, does not give any heed to this sense-making. The Nature does not control human, but embraces him and makes him go ahead. As a-matter-of –fact, the human being is an entity composed of infinite component of the Nature. Sense-making is the essential characteristic of this rationalist man-animal, and this animal transforms into human once accumulation of these concepts over each other would be realised. Then we have their glorification beyond human being in the process of becoming semantic-disciplinary institutions and then semantic-controlling ones. These semantic institutions reproduce themselves in any field and domain –from the time of “Dazine” coming into family and hence to God, sometimes making him restful and in other times keeping him under control, so as to prevent his tame and obedient body to come in conflict with his glorified senses; and at last, they give him directions in the moment in which he will be aware of alienation of its senses with his embracing container. It remains that where and when the human being revolts against self-made institution-senses and replaces them with newer ones; meanwhile the wheel of time revolves and makes human being more suffering and history more fat. On mid-eighties, in “end-notes on controlled societies” Gilles Deleuze explicitly stated that the period of disciplinary societies, post-stage, itself, of ruling/punishing regimes has become to an end.

Text: Ali Ahadi, artist-writer


Cohesive Disorder 1 Cohesive Disorder 2 Cohesive Disorder #3


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