Destroyed memories (2010-2011)

This series of paintings represents the bits and pieces of memories that we choose to forget in order to avoid suffering. It reveals what has been deliberately erased, intentionally or unintentionally, through time or by being overshadowed by other – perhaps happier – memories.

These paintings are loosely based on the mise-en-scène of old photographs without any focus on the details of faces. If there are any eyes at all, they are either closed or masked to emphasize once more our premeditated ignorance of what has happened in the past. In addition, the lack of color and the sudden appearance of red in these paintings are reminiscent of not so happy memories. Due to the more tangible connection between the material and the subject, this chosen medium, ink on paper, too, allows to portray the aggravated visions more effectively as the fragility and vulnerability of paper aggravates a sense of destruction.

Exhibition Catalogue