March 15th, 2015

Beyond History - Exercise in Imagination explores the post-history landscape. It is the final part in the Crisis of History series, where artists examine the crisis provoked in the world by the imposition of the End of History. Whereas the first two installments of this series examined the abandoned ideals of modernism and the strategies of resistance deployed by artists to counter the current ideological stagnation, the last exhibition takes as its departure point the crumbling of the great historical narrative, and is guided by the question: how can we deal with the past, present and future outside the normative framework offered by history? Curators: Elham Puriyamehr (Iran) and Robert Kluijver, with the support of Framer Framed With: Ibrahim Abumsmar (Saudi Arabia) Omid Ghajarian (Iran) Mohammad Ghazali (Iran) Liane Al Ghusain (Kuwait) Babak Golkar (Iran/Canada) Barbad Golshiri (Iran) Majid Koorang Beheshti (Iran) Payam Mofidi (Iran/Canada) Mandana Moghaddam (Iran/Sweden) Aman Mojadidi (USA/Afghanistan) Mehrdad Naraghi (Iran) Eric Parnes (USA/Iran) Slavs and Tatars (Iran/Poland) Jonas Staal (Netherlands)