Poeticide (2010)

In a rather lethargic mood, a girl is disillusioned by the harshness of events that affect her life. She sees herself trapped in a constant nightmare, from which she finds no exit. The whole story revolves around dreams and memories. There are some shots which the audience might experience that some parts are missing like a piece of dream or memories which they could recall in duration of the movie. “Shaer Koshi” is a marriage of drawing, poetry and sound, which results in a poetic, harmonious visual journey. Inspired by a Persian poem, "poeticide" is a lyrical view on the situation of a young girl in a land of subjugation and transformation, where the people are lifeless. "It seems like falling into a labyrinth; we thought we were at the finish, but our way bent around and we found ourselves, as it were, back at the beginning, and just as far from that which we were seeking at first." This is the structure the short video is based on. Opening with the young girl seeking an exit from this nightmare, and finishing in the anticipation of a beginning.

Short Film


Stills from the film